Gatherer Egalitarianism

Paleolithic diet: The Paleolithic diet is a weight loss plan based upon the premise of eating only those foods available during the Paleolithic age (also known as the Stone Years). Textbooks on antinutrients read like literature on what never to eat- Neolithic foods will be the most visible. Professor Irvin Liener published one of the very most famous of these literature in 1980. Within the first chapter he highlights that whenever we started preparing food inedible plant life, new toxins entered the dietary plan for the first time. Ironically, he wasn't attempting to promote Paleolithic diets- his target was to help agricultural researchers more safely feed the entire world on grains, beans and potatoes.
I am sorry to even ask this. I'm looking to get better and lose weight but I'm mixed up. vegan diet cases that you can receive the same health benefits without eating meat but eating the grains and legumes and the Paleo diet says the same health benefits by eating the meat however, not grains and legumes. I'm very mixed up by the contradiction. could both be directly on some level? I wish to live a wholesome life without heart disease and cancers but Im frightened to pick the wrong one because in my own opinion both appear very healthy. what should I do and how do you approach this subject matter. Thank you in advance.
I think not. Ancestral knowledge instructs us that feeding the soul is quite practically as important as nourishing the body. Even as we understand how our ancestors given their bodies, I really believe we must pay equal attention to how they given their souls. Of course, if the few staying native civilizations are to ­survive-and I really believe their success is important not limited to them but for everyone on the planet-we must work together to find ways to totally protect these indigenous people. They need space, they want their indigenous habitats left intact, and they have to be left alone.
not Paleo, but also not on the total no-no list, like beans, potatoes, and rice. At the very least, you'll want to remain gluten-free and go along with minimal toxic of your options. I would not usually recommend beans, potatoes, and grain, but I would not usually recommend a Vegan Paleo lifestyle either, therefore i guess we'll just have to try it if the former 2 collections of advice aren't working. Its still much better than a non-Paleo lifestyle!
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